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Pitch Day offers MediaTech startups the opportunity to raise up to €1,000,000

Promising global startups have the chance of connecting with investors to revolutionize the media landscape. 10 of them compete for the best pitch presentation

The Global MediaTech Pitch Day serves as a platform for startups to connect with innovative mediatech companies, investors, and industry leaders, accelerate their business growth and to secure up to $1M in investment, regardless of their development stage.

Selected companies compete for a €10K best pitch presentation award, and are judged by experts, as well as by an AI-powered juror who is a part of the decision-making team.

Experience the future of the media tech industry!

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About Global MediaTech Pitch Day

The Global MediaTech Pitch Day is organized by Raw Ventures, an investment fund with a proven track record of hundreds of investments, including Jay, the first automated tech solution for metadata in film, and MediaTech Hub Conference, Germany's premier conference on media technologies. The Global MediaTech Pitch Day has the mission to support the global ecosystem of media startups in the era of visuals, performance marketing and AI, and it takes place at Babelsberg studio, which is also known as the European Hollywood and the heart of media innovations.

MediaTech is one of the main investment areas for Raw Ventures, and the Global MediaTech Pitch Day provides an opportunity for them to select the most promising startups in this field worldwide, and to invest in bolstering their development.

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Finalists 2023


Setmixer provides a unique recording system for autonomously capturing and releasing live music in top-notch multitrack studio quality. It can be connected to the mixing desk of the artist’s partner venues to record every performance, and soon, it will incorporate AI-backed auto-mixing, empowering artists to swiftly share their music with the public minutes after each show.

  • Pascal de Mul
  • CEO & Co-Founder

“It’s a specialized media event with no generic audience, so I gained exposure to people interested in media, we discussed relationships, ideas, and investments. The connections and networking here are really good.”


Winkt is a community tech provider which offers the next level of social networking based on location. The Winkt app offers event partners and guests location-based content and an interactive map, connecting all users in close proximity in real-time. The app allows event partners to share offers, send messages to a group, or find local events in an instant.

  • Jasmin Oestreich
  • Eva Balmaks
  • CEO & Co-Founder

“The pitch day provided a lot of inspiration because I heard great new ideas that I will consider and integrate into whatever comes next. I also had good conversations with interesting people.”


Maekersuite is a London-based data-powered and AI-enabled content creation platform which reduces scripting time by up to 85%. The platform analyzes millions of stories online and learns which stories work best to make predictions and give recommendations to content creators, thereby fueling the growth of their business.

  • Philip Werner
  • CEO & Co-Founder

“This event was a great opportunity to showcase our name and product to people in the media industry. Being able to pitch at a MediaTech conference to professionals in our industry was very special for us.”


FOMO is an AI-enabled cultural recommendations assistant that provides both curated and personalized suggestions for the finest artistic events and experiences. Based in the UK and backed by a team with extensive experience in curating cultural events, FOMO aims to help individuals expand their cultural horizons and plan their cultural adventures in advance.

  • Sofia Elterman
  • Alexandra Gurevich
  • Maria Nasimova
  • CEO & Co-Founder

“It was our first pitch in front of investors, so it was a great experience which made us truly believe in our idea. We received great feedback after our pitch, which was the most valuable aspect of the day.”


Legitimate is an all-in-one global platform created in Ireland that provides journalists with a suite of tools to help them work more efficiently, increase audience engagement, and optimize monetization. The tools include an ethical AI assistant that saves time by supporting the content creation process.

  • Caoimhe Donnelly
  • Gerard Donnelly
  • CEO & Co-Founder

“Media Tech Startup Pitch Day 2022 was a game-changer for our company. The connections we made helped us expand our network and attract new clients”


Filmustage is a US-based company providing software for film production management. The solution, which is compatible with industry standards and formats, combines the features required for effective production: AI-powered script breakdown, semi-automatic scheduling, script summary reports, visual references, and draft budget estimations.

  • Ruslan Khamidullin
  • Egor Dubrovsky
  • Andrei Karalkou
  • CEO & Co-Founder

“The pitch session by Raw Ventures was well-organized at a fantastic venue. The experts on stage were professionals and asked well-prepared questions, which were nice and helpful to answer.”


Queels is a virality machine on TikTok, and functions as a platform that instantly connects content creators with advertisers. By providing on-demand viral coverage for brands, Queels sets a new standard in fully automated, performance-based social media promotion that is connected to the ever-growing community of video creators.

  • Thomas Denizot
  • CEO & Co-Founder

“I was able to showcase Queels to media industry experts, met many great people in the media industry, some of whom I might work with in the future, some prospects, potential future clients, and investors.”


Virtuleap is a health and education startup headquartered in Lisbon which combines neuroscience and virtual reality to help increase attention levels, and address cognitive disorders. Its flagship product Enhance VR, is a library of VR exercises designed by neuroscientists in order to test and train a range of cognitive abilities.

  • Amir Bozorgzadeh
  • CEO & Co-Founder

“As a seasoned entrepreneur, I often attend pitch events, but this was a highlight: the venue, the ambiance, the jurors with sharp eyes and sharp minds, and interesting people with awesome backgrounds.”


Homi is a film streaming service, which features premium African movies and lifestyle shows from over 40 countries in Africa. Accessible via web, Android and iOS mobile apps and smart TVs, the platform streams titles covering a variety of major languages of Africa. It has VAS partnerships with major local telcos and was used for the first virtual movie premiering in Africa.

  • Enock Ofosu Mensah
  • Fawaz Yunus
  • Kwame Twum
  • CEO & Co-Founder

“The event was a great opportunity for us as an African startup. It helped us discover new trends in the media and film industry, and the need to catch up with such technological advancements as the AI revolution.”


Muybridge is an Oslo-based deep-tech company, which creates a software platform aiming to re-invent the camera by moving complexities from hardware into software. The core technology comprises unique hardware architectures for high-speed data transport and high-performance-computing (HPC) architectures running their advanced imaging algorithms.

  • Håkon Espeland
  • Anders Tomren
  • CEO & Co-Founder

Startups have a chance to:

Raise up to €1,000,000 from Raw Ventures
Get €10,000 for the best pitch
Go to the Babelsberg studio as a finalist with covering travel expenses by organizers
Pitch your project to potential investors and industry leaders
Meet industry leaders and potential clients to develop new partnerships
Join a media-specific accelerator program
Get wide media coverage reaching over 1 million people
Secure a complimentary conference ticket reserved exclusively for the top pitch decks

Juror Panel 2023

Highlights ’23

Investment Opportunities

Pitch Day 2023: the application period for the Global MediaTech Pitch Day has officially closed, but Raw Ventures is constantly on the lookout for innovative and promising ventures to invest in. If you think your project has what it takes to disrupt the MediaTech industry, we encourage you to reach out to us. Let's work together to bring your vision to life and revolutionize the world of media! Whether you're in the Pre-Seed or Seed stage, we accept investment applications from startups around the world to benefit from our expertise and support to expand globally.

What is MediaTech?

We welcome all startups that are working on something related to media markets: production and distribution of various content types, marketing, visual advertising, media communications, social media, streaming, podcasting, TV, cinema, and music. Your startup can draw inspiration from new technologies such as AI, VR/AR, Metaverse, and Web 3.0, as well as from traditional ones.

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